[Users] Faster filtering (sans mairix)

Victoria S. 1 at VictoriasJourney.com
Fri Jul 5 18:55:27 CEST 2013

Is there a way to implement faster filtering (searching) of folders/subfolders in Claws?

I routinely keep copies of mail in my Sent folder (26.5K items) that permits quick access to emails-of-interest; other folders contain (e.g.) >30K items; all my archived mail comprises >130K items/messages.

I briefly played with mairex (http://www.rpcurnow.force9.co.uk/mairix/), but it appeared to be too clunky and cumbersome (for my purposes) - more significantly, it only appeared to work (Claws mail action defined per the instructions) on folders without subfolders - useless, for my purposes.

I often find myself searching for keywords (e.g. b genomics & b CHD7) in my main folders, but this can take some minutes (on my older but capable Intel-based quad core system with tons of space, RAM; Ubuntu 12.04 LTS).  Of course, searches of the Subject lines (e.g. s genomics & s CHD7) are much faster ...


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