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blind Pete 0123peter at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 13:25:16 CET 2013

Ian Nartowicz wrote:

> Yes, the watch and ignore indicators are doubled up as toolbar buttons.
> Luckily these are some that can be up to 16px wide (despite what the
> documentation says), but perhaps still not big enough for you.  Indicator
> icons in the summary view (and the send/receive dialogs)  clip if you make
> them too big so you might be stuck here.

The first thing that I did was enlarge the fonts.  Many of the spaces 
for icons scale either with the size of the associated text (good) 
or with the size of the icon itself (very good).  

A screen shot did get through in another post.  It shows a 26x20 
watchthread.png that fits well with the large font, but still looks 
lost next to the 49x49 toolbar icons.  

> There is no ham indicator for the message summary list, only spam. 
> Non-spam messages do not have a specific indicator, just as non-marked
> messages don't
> get an indicator.  So only a ham button icon and it can be big.

Maybe a ham indicator could be used for a whitelist, things that 
have a better than "unknown" rating.  Although the Monty Python 
Spam / Ham joke will not translate well to Jews or Muslims.  

Also while configuring the toolbar(s) there is text for learn 
spam or ham, not separate text for each.  So I think that the 
ham button icon is unused.  (As well as any ham icon.)  

> I can't see your screenshot so I don't know what you are seeing as a rot13
> indicator or button.  Claws does not offer rot13 and it does not have a
> rot13 icon.  rot13 can be included as a custom action, but I still don't
> know what you're looking at as a rot13 icon.  Where does it show, and what
> does it look like in the default theme?  Nearly all the icons that appear
> on the Claws screens can be themed, just an occasional stock icon shows up
> (eg. clear search and the Gnome dialog icons).
> --ian

I created dummy icons, rot13.png and rot13_btn.png, but neither was used.  
A blue folder showed up.  

blind Pete
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