[Users] [Bug 3035] Enhance diff coloring to git patches

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Fri Dec 13 19:35:00 CET 2013


--- Comment #3 from Jakub Kiciński <kubakici at wp.pl> ---
Thank you for the review!

I implemented the detection in the quickest and simplest way possible. I used
it for a year or so and there where no false positives so far... 

I'm open to any suggestions. Three things that I thought about that can
mitigate false positives are:

1 - detect X-Mailer: git-send-email -- a lot of people seem to send their
patches from MUAs though, especially when they send the patch as a part of a
discussion, not for submission.

2 - make detection of "diff --git" more robust by matching the file names and
following "index ..." line.

3 - match subject to PATCH and RFC -- again would cause false negatives

Also maybe a configuration option which defaults to off for matching diffs
inside emails would solve the problem? At least users would know where the
false-positives come from if they appear and this feature is probably only
useful for a small percentage of CM users?

Thanks, and I'm waiting for further opinions/suggestions!

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