[Users] Destination folder pattern matching

Steve Braun sylpheed-claws-users at lists.evervoid.net
Mon Dec 9 17:27:11 CET 2013

Inigo Aldazabal Mensa (09.12.2013, 15:57:36):
>When using the "CTRL+o" […]
>This is great as it allows us to move really fast between folders, but
>it would be even better if the "match" was not just with the first
>letters of the folder, but with the letters *anywhere* within the
>folder name.

I second that! (at least regarding to the move/copy dialogue)

I have loads of folders in different accounts and sometimes I can't
remember how the name starts exactly, but I know what letters that are
inside the name (don't ask -> strange way of organizing things)

If this would be possible and the developers would be willing to
implement this, I'd love to open a feature request.


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