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> "Hi,
> > All of the email clients I have tested so far do this so I was 
> > thinking there might be a oppressive legal requirement that forces
> > the developers to do this. You cant find evidence of this on the
> > internet search engines because of the heavy censorship of search
> > results.   Is this a plausible theory or maybe it really is just
> > because no one thought there would be anyone that did not want to
> > use a subject line?
> It's mostly because putting an informative Subject helps the
> recipient sort emails and determine quickly what's important and
> what's not. It's part of the "good rules" of internet, and email
> client developers tend to like these rules and help people stick to
> it.
> In case of encrypted email, you can either put no subject, vague
> subjects, or even have fun with the NSA and tease them ;)
> --
> Colin

> You're an idiot and probably a wimp :|
> I will keeping looking for email clients

An excellent idea, cgw993. One less filter I need to put in .procmailrc.


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