[Users] Python - RSSyl folders

Holger Berndt berndth at gmx.de
Tue Aug 20 00:22:44 CEST 2013

On Mo, 05.08.2013 21:48, Holger Berndt wrote:

>I guess a better fix would be to introduce a mailbox object, and an
>get_folderview_selected_mailbox() accessor in the plugin.

I added a mailbox object to current git. It's now possible to use
either folders or mailboxes in these kinds of processing. I also added
messages count accessors to the folder objects, so it's possible to
only jump to those folders that have unread messages. An updated
example script can be found at [1].


[1] http://git.claws-mail.org/?p=claws.git;a=blob;f=src/plugins/python/examples/main/Recusively-mark-messages-as-read;h=bcb3cb54b00acc05bf1d364e08375f19618d0ebc;hb=HEAD

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