[Users] [Bug 2997] unable to receive mail; error in Network log = "*** Can't write file"

Paul Rolland (=?UTF-8?B?44Od44O844Or44O744Ot44Op44Oz?=) rol at witbe.net
Mon Aug 19 18:46:14 CEST 2013

Hello Devon,

Switch to ml reply as this seems to be more appropriated... :)

On Mon, 19 Aug 2013 16:19:46 +0000
noreply at thewildbeast.co.uk wrote:

> http://www.thewildbeast.co.uk/claws-mail/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2997
> --- Comment #6 from D Brewer <interscientific at yahoo.com> ---
> Michael and Paul,
> Thank you both very much for your advice.  I tried strace, but the output
> was not meaningful to me -- I could not interpret it.  However, I did
> check the permissions for the tempfolder/processing folder specifically.
> That folder had the permissions set to "root" only, and not the user.  I

Does that mean that, after fixing the permissions, everything's now working
correctly for you ? It seems so, but I just want to be sure ;)

> I apologize for my confusion where to send my request for help.  To an
> average user like me, it is not clear where to get help apart from the
No problem on that, but I think it's more appropriate to:
 - start a discussion on the ml,
 - switch to filing a bug on bugzilla if from the discussion it appears to
   be a real bug
(unless of course you are sure from the very first minute that it is a
bug ;)

Anyway, if you now can fully enjoy Claws, that's perfect.

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