[Users] [Bug 2997] unable to receive mail; error in Network log = "*** Can't write file"

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Mon Aug 19 18:19:46 CEST 2013


--- Comment #6 from D Brewer <interscientific at yahoo.com> ---
Michael and Paul,

Thank you both very much for your advice.  I tried strace, but the output was
not meaningful to me -- I could not interpret it.  However, I did check the
permissions for the tempfolder/processing folder specifically.  That folder had
the permissions set to "root" only, and not the user.  I don't know how that
happened -- it was nothing I did actively, but perhaps something in the Mint
install process caused it.  The Caja file manager I used to check and set
permissions gives the impression that permissions apply to subfolders as well
as the main folder, but that doesn't actually happen I have now discovered.  

I apologize for my confusion where to send my request for help.  To an average
user like me, it is not clear where to get help apart from the bug tracker (a
"general discussion" list usually isn't where critical errors are discussed, in
my experience).  It might help to clarify this on the Claws web page.  Although
3.8 is not be the latest version, it is the version in the Ubuntu 12.04
LTS/Mint 13 LTS repository.  So any problems users encounter with it are likely
to be common for several years.  

Thanks again for all of your help, and I look forward to continuing my support
for Claws.

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