[Users] [Bug 2910] moved or deleted mails occur in program again but mbox-file itself shows correct mails

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Tue Apr 23 11:27:42 CEST 2013


--- Comment #3 from Saskia <sascci00 at web.de> ---
Okay, I try to explain what I have done, what I expect the program to do and
what the program had done.

I imported my Thunderbird mbox-files into mbox-files in Claws. I have about 14
Mail-Accounts in use in Claws, included the one which I use for this bugreport.

After importing the files, I mentioned that I have mails for example in my
web.de-Inbox which I do not need anymore and so I deleted this files. I have
the "Check for new messages"-automatically activated so I get all 5 minutes new
mails if available.

Usually I expect that a new mail in the list on top right (I use the
standard-view of Claws) occured but when I click on it, in the preview on
bottom right and even if I double-click on the mail to open it in a new
preview-window I get an old mail to be shown. When I open the mbox-file in vi
or another texteditor I can read the new mail and I do not find the mail of the
preview anymore because I deleted it by clicking on the delete-key and
confirmed the deleting of the mail.

This occured in differend mail-accounts and I also tried to make a new
mbox-subfolder and moved the Inbox to the new subfolder but also there it
happened that new mails take in preview the place of a moved or deleted mail
and only be shown in the list but or the texteditor but not in the preview of

Actions that occur or do not occure clicking on these menues:
'[MyMBOX] (mbox)' and choose 'Rebuild folder tree'
seems that nothing happens, because the wrong mails still are wrong mails, no
matter if the cursor stood on the wrong mail when I clicked on the 'MyMBOX
(mbox)' and choose 'Rebuild folder tree' or if I put the cursor on a mail that
was correct shown.
Perhaps the 'Rebuild folder tree' works afterwards for new arriving mails but
not on existing.

If I click on 'Check for new messages' the server will be contacted and the
download of new mails gets started (if available) but the new mail will often
not be shown correct (list Okay, preview wrong).
If I click on 'Check for new folders' nothing happens, because I did not insert
new folders.

I hope it is explained in a better way than the way before. If not do not
hestitate to ask me again.
If screenshots can help I try to make some more which are neutral (according to
personal data) and also show the problem.
But if you take a look on my added screenshot you can see at top one item of
the list (my confirmation mail to this account) and you can see the wrong mail
in the preview, a mail which I got 2 days before the confirmation mail to this
account and which was deleted before I got the confirmation mail to this

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