[Users] more line wrapping

Neels Hofmeyr neels at hofmeyr.de
Mon Apr 22 17:10:43 CEST 2013

Leon Fisk <lfisk at iserv.net>:
> You can't enter this line:
> thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen..... One two three four five six
> seven

I don't remember how I entered it ... anyway, I got this situation by
accident and was able to reproduce it with above paragraph. I think the
most important part is:
> >3) Add a space -- the situation must be such that adding the space
> >triggers wrap.

> without using a hard return at the end. If you don't and use "space"
> and then go on with "eight nine ten..." the line will automatically
> wrap between "six" and "seven". Claws must be able to tell the
> difference between a hard-return and soft-return (I'm not a developer,
> just guessing) and keep the hard-return and your lonely "seven" on its
> own line.

hmm, soft return, hard return? Really? I think there simply are
returns, and wrapping stops at an empty line. Right??

> I found Claws line wrapping mighty confusing too until I understood
> its quirks a bit better. Now I rather like it, allowing me to leave
> longer lines if desired with a bit of manipulation and/or re-wrapping
> if need be.

I have not yet managed to leave a long line, you guys are talking
about. And I don't think long lines are all that desirable :) That's
why I ask claws to do line wrapping in the first place ;)

> For re-wrapping long lines I usually pick a space between
> two words on the overlong line and delete it. Then add the space back
> in which causes the text to re-wrap.

Yes, I'm also forced to do that, and find it very cumbersome. It
involves several steps of non-repeatable action, and is not acting in a
deterministic way. I wrote about that in another thread...

BTW, I found the Menu option "Edit / Wrap current paragraph  Ctrl+L" in
the message composition window with a claws compiled from a recent
Git master. It seems to be nonfunctional. Is someone already
implementing that feature?

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