[Users] Create filter/proc question.

Inzli chinatinte at gmx.ch
Sun Apr 7 22:26:31 CEST 2013

Am Sun, 07 Apr 2013 15:28:33 -0400
schrieb Mark Filipak <markfilipak.linux at gmail.com>:

> On 2013/4/7 3:07 PM, Inzli wrote:
> > This whole Q&A reminds me of the "discussions" with Mark in the
> > FreeBSD- and Debian-list :-/
> >
> > So let's face it: Mark will only use CM, but not participate.
> Oh, while you were at your research, did you find where I was one of
> two computer architects at Intel? Did you find I was a computer
> architect at Altos Computers? Did you find I was the Wyse Technology
> representative on the EISA Engineering Task Force that wrote the EISA
> Specification
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_Industry_Standard_Architecture).

No. But I have these old posts from you in my ML-archive:

> I've never successfully installed any distribution of Linux. I don't
> know why, but when I tried to read the documentation I gave up. The
> documentation was simultaneously dumb and obtuse and way too wordy. So
> I concluded that Linux is a hobbiest OS without much real-world use.


> You know, Lisi, you're a real jerk. 


> What a nonsensical statement. I've never successfully installed any
> distribution of Linux.
> The only result of my attempted installations has been
> cryptic error messages and non-bootable disks. I have asked for help
> over the period of 15 years and Linux-knuckleheads have offered none.
> All I've ever gotten is platitudes and "Windoze sucks!"

And regarding filter rules: Mine were making sure that my Troll-folder
never gets emty.

Since at least 2009, you use your "linux"-gmail-address, But although
your experience, you have never succeeded to install any Linux-distro.

You've been trolling in other mailing lists since years, and, as far as
I see only in the lists I've subscribed, you are often called a troll:

"Seems to me that Mark is simply a troll (certainly not a


"There is no useful way to respond to such posters that used to be
called trolls ..."

So there always have been people out there in the wilderness who tried
to help you and who will try to help you. From what I see and
remember, people involved in the community have spent hours and hours
to help you. When they asked you for specific error messages, you
sometimes insulted them. But if you continue this way, you have to face
that you'll be called a troll.


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