[Users] Move #mh to shared folder.

Mark Filipak markfilipak.linux at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 20:04:41 CEST 2013

Thanks, Holger. I appreciate your response.

On 2013/4/7 1:42 PM, Holger Berndt wrote:
> On So, 07.04.2013 13:10, Mark Filipak wrote:
>>> There is a "mailbox", which is basically a storage location. You can
>>> have one or multiple of those, and they can be stored on different
>>> physical locations.
>>> Inside a mailbox, you can have a nested "folder" structure.
>> "Inbox" is the name of a mailbox, is it not?
> No, it's not. Inbox is a folder.

Then why does it have 'box' at the end of its name?

>> "Sent" is name of a folder, not a mailbox, correct?
> Yes.
>> If I create a
>> filter that routes mail to "Joe", then Joe is a mailbox named "Joe",
>> is that not correct?
> "Routing" mail is ambigous, so this question is not precise enough to
> be answered.

Sorry. I should have written 'sorts mail into "Joe"'.

> However, I think if you carefully read the explanations
> that I gave you so far, the question is probably answered.

No. 1, it's not a question, so I'm not looking for an answer, and 2, you have been vague. It would help if you used software terms instead of metaphors.

>>>>> A mailbox is used to store messages. An account is used to pull in
>>>>> and/or send out messages.
>> It seems to me that a mailbox is a folder to which Claws automatically
>> delivers mail (as opposed to a folder to which the user has manually
>> moved messages),
> No, see above.
>> and that an account is a service that runs on a mail or news server
>> on behalf of a mail client and therefore has nothing
>> directly to do with Claws other than configuration (username, password,
>> credential, authentication, encryption, etc.),
> More or less, yes (Claws Mail can also access local mail spools on
> unix machines).

Spoolers are also servers, are they not?

>>> That's only half the truth (accounts do not only receive...
>> -snip-
>> I was addressing only the mail reception part of the story because it's
>> the most complex. Sending mail is a relatively simple task.
> The point is that renaming "account" to "mail source" is either half or
> completely wrong. An SMTP-only account is clearly not a mail source.

I'm not writing about sending mail, only fetching mail.

> And a POP3 account in Claws Mail contains config for message sending as
> well, so calling it a mail source would also be misnaming.

I'm not writing about sending mail, only fetching mail.
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