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Mark Filipak markfilipak.linux at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 07:56:04 CEST 2013

On 2013/4/6 1:24 AM, Paul wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> On Sat, 06 Apr 2013 00:47:49 -0400
> Mark Filipak <markfilipak.linux at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The Windows port appears not to be capable of adding new accounts.
>> Also, it appears that changing mailbox paths is not possible.
> I'm not talking about the windows port per se as I don't use windows,
> but this applies all the same:
>> Re, "<account-name> - Account preferences" dialog, "Account" >
>> "Basic".
>> Error: Filling in all text boxes and clicking "Apply" button does
>> not create a new MH named in the "Name of account" text box.
> Yes, that is correct behaviour. Creating a new POP account does not
> create a new mailbox ("a new MH"), as it doesn't need to. Several pop
> accounts can share a single mailbox. If you want your new account to
> have its own mailbox then create the mailbox (using /file/add
> mailbox/mh...) and configure the account to use it.

Yes! It does work. Too bad the users manual doesn't have this.

>> Re, "<account-name> - Account preferences" dialog, "Account" >
>> "Receive"  - "POP3" panel, "Default Inbox" control.
>> Error: Entering standard Windows path ('c:\shared\Mail\aerotek') is
>> silently rejected when "Apply" button is pressed.
>> Error: Entering Unix-style path ('/shared/Mail/aerotek') is
>> silently rejected when "Apply" button is pressed.
>> Click: The "Browse" button opens a "Select folder" dialog.
> The Browse button shows you your Claws mailbox/folder tree, because
> this field should be a folder in a mailbox. 'c:\shared\Mail\aerotek'
> will fail because that's a filesystem directory path. This
> distinction is demonstrated by the fact that clicking the Browse
> button does not browse the filesystem.

Well, given the "Add mailbox..." behavior (above) that I didn't know about, this does make some sense, though I still think there's no such thing as an 'account'. There's just mail sources and mail boxes and Claws maps one to the other.

>> Problem: Folder browsing does not allow browsing parents.
> It allows you to browse your whole Claws folder tree.

Yes, I understand the distinction. IMHO, it's a strange way to view things, but okay.

>> Problem: What appears to be a text box (just above buttons) will
>> not accept keystrokes.
> That's because it's not what it appears to you to be. It shows, in
> textual form, what you have selected in the folder tree above.

Then why does clicking into it show a cursor? That's strange behavior.

>> Error: Entering standard Windows path ('c:\shared\Mail\aerotek')
>> provokes "Error" box that claims "'\' can't be included in folder
>> name."
>> Error: Entering Unix-style path ('/shared/Mail/aerotek') provokes
>> "Error" box saying, "Can't create the folder
>> '/shared/Mail/aerotek'."
> The dialogue says 'enter the name of the new folder', but you're
> putting a filesystem path.

I was told in this mailing list that I could put an absolute path there. I guess that was bogus. I understand now that this is not a filesystem function, but has been abstracted by Claws. I highly recommend that be changed to actual filesystem paths. The utility, for example, is shown in Windows: if I want to add to or rearrange the 'Start' menu (Windows' equivalent of the 'Menu' button), I do that right in the filesystem - it's extremely quick & easy. Doing the equivalent in Linux is overly complex and obscure without any redeeming qualities.

> I think you're fundamentally mis-understanding this dialogue and the
> concept of Claws mailboxes.

You're right! Have YOU learned anything as a result - please don't take that as an insult. KISS: Keep it... well, you know the rest. The Claws model is overly abstract I think. I believe you guys have taken a metaphor and stretched it out of shape.

Okay, I'll buy into Claws, and I'll help with documentation and $$. That is, if you want me. But rest assured that I'll evangelize for KISS, and more KISS, and more KISS... (I'm just a KISSin' fool.)

Best Regards,

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