[Users] 45 POP accounts - Claws breaks making 2nd account.

Brad Rogers brad at fineby.me.uk
Fri Apr 5 21:24:50 CEST 2013

On Fri, 05 Apr 2013 14:33:05 -0400
Mark Filipak <markfilipak.linux at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Mark,

>Oh, my. I have a sinking feeling...


>Brad, I've been in the "Preferences for new account" dialog a hundred
>times. Well... a dozen times.

I know the feeling well.

I've read several of your posts, and think I have a reasonable
understanding of what you're after.  It might pay to create the
directories you need outside CM.  So you have


and so on.

Then, and this is the vital bit regarding the separation of accounts,
start CM and select "Add mailbox->MH..." from the File directory.  It's
this vital step I left out previously, as I didn't fully comprehend how
you wanted the accounts laid out.  Enter the path to the first mailbox
as '/mnt/hgfs/shared/Mail/aerotek' (without quotes) and the directory
will be scanned for existing subdirs.

Do similar operations for 'experian' and any other accounts you  wish to
add.  There' no need to create the inbox, sent, out queue and trash
folders in each directory, as the Add mailbox operation will do that for
you.  When finished you should have;

aerotek (MH)
experian (MH)
etcetera (MH)

in the Folder pane of CM.

Having done all that, you can now "Create New Account" from the
configuration menu, adding the SMTP & POP server details, etc. and
select the correct inbox for each on the Receive page.  Now go to the
Advanced page to select the correct directories for Trash, etc.

I hope all that makes sense.  I did it myself, creating a couple of
dummy accounts to be sure it worked.

>[i] Mailbox (MH)
>     [i] Inbox
>     [i] Sent
>     [i] Drafts
>     [i] Queue
>     [i] Trash
>     [i] aerotek
>         [i] Inbox
>         [i] Sent
>         [i] Drafts
>         [i] Queue
>         [i] Trash
>Note: "aerotek" appears twice. "experian" doesn't appear.
>What do you make of this? I've removed and reinstalled Claws several

I'm not sure what's happened there, TBH.

>times. I've 'reinitialized' it several additional times (by deleting
>the '~/.claws-mail' folder). I'm at my wits end.

Moving things around within CM is possible, but can be tricky when, as
you mention in another post, some of the requesters are asking questions
in a slightly misleading or ambiguous way.

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