[Users] line wrapping when prepending

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Wed Apr 3 16:38:30 CEST 2013

On Wed, 3 Apr 2013 15:03:42 +0200
Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de> wrote:

> Pierre Fortin <pf at pfortin.com> wrote:
> > OMG!!!!!!!!!   Let's be REALLY CAREFUL about getting back into the
> > "wrap" code...
> IMHO unmaintainable code is per se not desirable, so I don't really
> count that as an argument for not changing anything. If finding
> triggers takes two years, sorry, that is just really really bad code.


Thank you very much for volunteering to code, debug, and test this
enhancement.  When you code it, please make a configuration option to
keep it like it is now, because I like it just the way it is, and I
have a feeling I'm not alone.


Steve Litt

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