[Users] line wrapping when prepending

Neels Hofmeyr neels at hofmeyr.de
Wed Apr 3 15:03:42 CEST 2013

Pierre Fortin <pf at pfortin.com> wrote:

> OMG!!!!!!!!!   Let's be REALLY CAREFUL about getting back into the
> "wrap" code...

IMHO unmaintainable code is per se not desirable, so I don't really
count that as an argument for not changing anything. If finding
triggers takes two years, sorry, that is just really really bad code.

Granted, I am not really in a position to preach, I've so far
contributed but one patch. Please don't be offended by my humble
remarks. Above all: Thanks for Claws! :)

BTW, is the current desired line wrapping behavior documented somewhere,
in a single place? (I read "Quoting initials should now be supported"
-- so I ask myself, are issues like this only found in ML posts?)

Steve Litt <slitt at troubleshooters.com> wrote:

> The riff of deleting and reinserting a space is hardly any work at
> all.

Hmm. That is precisely what I find so irritable. It makes me feel
like ... a space monkey. Having to navigate and edit around just to
wrap is cumbersome. It should be easier.

> If the dash is meant to be a hyphen, wrapping
> would be nice. But if it's glue (for instance, a shellscript
> variable, it shouldn't wrap.

Then again, shellscript variable names don't contain dashes ... ?
If a long shell command line contains spaces it is wrapped anyway ... ?
<add many more examples where current wrapping destroys scripts>

Do you have an actual real example where wrapping at a dash is bad?

> In my opinion Claws' current word wrapping is one of its best
> strengths. I *hugely* appreciate that Claws enables me to make a line
> "too long" if that's what I want, or "too short" if that's what I
> want.

I wasn't aware of that use case, actually. My usage of mail is pretty
much flowing text, and I'd appreciate if it just wrapped itself. If I
want to include runnable code or verbatim data, I always use file
attachments anyway. Have had too much trouble with copy-pastos of
mixed encodings, line ending styles, tab eating and whatnot.

BTW, how *do* you make a line too long? Particularly, how do you *edit*
a line that is too long? I don't see how that is practicable (read:
please help me see it your way).

"H.Merijn Brand" <h.m.brand at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> What is missing - at least in 3.9.0-160-g6eabcd - is a way to re-wrap
> a paragraph with Ctrl-L
> I think it is DWIM/locig/not-to-difficult to select a paragraph and
> after hitting Ctrl-L rewraps that selected part as if it were one line

That is a multitude better than navigating + removing + adding spaces.
Plus whoever dislikes it may simply avoid hitting Ctrl-L.

Let me add: when there is an active text selection, only the selected
lines should be wrapped. With multiple paragraphs selected, each
paragraph should be wrapped separately, keeping blank lines.

Ideally I could just type type type, and in the end hit Ctrl-A Ctrl-L.

Thanks for your remarks and opinions!

While I personally disagree, I am now aware that some actually like the
line wrapping as it is. So if at all, I would endeavour attempting a
"Ctrl-L patch", lest other changes would be thwarted a-priori.

And I'd give wrapping at dashes a try; maybe even make that optional,
if need be.

...hacking days are too short.

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