[Users] [Bug 2552] in automatic checking, enable the use of different time intervals

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Thu Sep 6 07:32:59 CEST 2012


--- Comment #26 from Abhay S. Kushwaha  2012-09-06 07:32:57 ---
This "calculated to x times of global value" interval for checking emails isn't
every intuitive.

1. It is difficult to understand compared to a simple method: "Check mail every
X minutes for all accounts and for those accounts where you want it different,
go in and set unique values." In the proposed implementation, the latter is
modified to "go and set a multiple of a value set somewhere else".

2. It is not intuitive. I want to check all accounts every 10 minutes but one
account only every 15 minutes. As of now, not possible without changing the
global to "5" and then modifying all accounts.

3. It is not "faster for some accounts" compatible. Like Mones pointed out. In
my case, I would check all accounts every 10 or 15 minutes but 1 account every
5 minutes and an urgent one every 1 minute if possible. Again, I would have to
change the global to "1" and then re-set all accounts to actual values. And if
I suddenly decide I want to check all accounts every 30 minutes without
changing the frequency of the account I'm checking every minute, I have to go
and change all accounts all over again!

4. One has to know maths to use it. Contrary to popular opinion of those
involved in the discussion, many people don't know how to multiply, or are weak
at it, or would prefer not to do it anyway. Forcing people to 'calculate' a
multiple is too much work and a bad design decision.

Plus, a question... does this patch re-set the timers when mail is received

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