[Users] error occurred on SMTP session; can't send mail

Jeb Jaws jaws3333 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 19:56:03 CEST 2012

Recently installed Claws-mail version 3.8.0 to get away from Kmail.
Claws-mail receives mail fine, through pop3, but when I try to send I get
this error message in the log:

Connecting to SMTP server: smtp.mail.wowway.com ...
[08:59:38] SMTP< 220 smtp.mail.wowway.com ESMTP ecelerity
r(29895/29896) Sun, 02 Sep 2012 09:59:38 -0400
[08:59:38] ESMTP> EHLO roscoe-desktop
[08:59:38] ESMTP< 502
** error occurred on SMTP session
*** Error occurred while sending the message:

I've use just about every different setting possible in configuring the
account, particularly the authenticate with pop3 and not using SSL which my
ISP doesn't allow. I've duplicated Kmail's settings which works fine both
sending and receiving. I have not changed any setting in the Compose dialog.

I've tried different ports that were recommended in my searches and 2
different distros, both KDE; PClinuxOS KDE 4.6 and the other Mint 13 KDE
4.8, but no luck. I've also install Claws-mail on Windows 7 with the same
results posted above.

Any help much appreciated. I'm willing to work through this problem with
someones help.
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