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Sat Oct 27 13:10:39 CEST 2012


--- Comment #6 from Ricardo Mones  2012-10-27 13:10:37 ---
> I use ClawsMail "3.7.9-1ubuntu2". In the Ubuntu repos there is no 
> fresher than that.

You can install latest release from our Ubuntu PPA:

> You do not believe me (that, for example, what does ShiftTab), 

That the people which has Ubuntu installed doesn't have your problem doesn't
mean they don't believe you, it's just they cannot reproduce it. Don't take
it personal.

> you misundersand me (CtrlShiftTab, switching only between big parts
> of the window, not every small element; parts have focus, and it is
> not expected to forget is),

True, don't even understand what you say here. Do you expect ctrl-shitf-tab
to switch only between "big parts"? What's is a "big part"? Which focus is

> perhaps I would next time install Thunderbird or something else..

I don't think that's going to fix your problems with Claws Mail, but sure
you can install whatever you want.

> (I did not mention so far: I cannot even navigate easily (with 'n' and 'p'
> and/or 'N' and 'P') between messages when not preview mode but 'opened in 
> new window'. How could lack sunk a basic feature?..)

It works here ('n' for next, 'p' for previous) though this is not Ubuntu, at
least with the default keyboard preset, maybe you have changed it. Try to
reset it in Configuration menu, Preferences option, Other/Miscellaneous branch,
Choose preset keyboard shortcuts... button, select Default and apply.

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