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Fri Oct 26 21:12:48 CEST 2012


--- Comment #5 from pb15394w92pksak4n3r  2012-10-26 21:12:47 ---
I use ClawsMail "3.7.9-1ubuntu2". In the Ubuntu repos there is no fresher than
Sorry guys, I am disappointed. You do not believe me (that, for example, what
does ShiftTab), you misundersand me (CtrlShiftTab, switching only between big
parts of the window, not every small element; parts have focus, and it is not
expected to forget is), perhaps I would next time install Thunderbird or
something else..
(I did not mention so far: I cannot even navigate easily (with 'n' and 'p'
and/or 'N' and 'P') between messages when not preview mode but 'opened in new
window'. How could lack sunk a basic feature?..)

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