[Users] [Bug 2762] Add an access key to 'Subject'

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Mon Oct 22 15:49:50 CEST 2012


--- Comment #3 from Ricardo Mones  2012-10-22 15:49:49 ---

> [Shift]Tab: "move between fields (icluding the small buttons) [and the tabs
> line at top]" - almost, but in the From field Tab becomes address
> completition.. Reaching tha Body, Tab and ShiftTab becomes: inserting Tab
> characters, there is no way back to headers..

Shift-tab goes back to subject, and more shift-tab to headers. True, stopping
in clear buttons, but that's expected. Shift-tab should not insert tabs in
Maybe you can try with a more up to date version instead of 3.7.9?

At address completion you have to double the tab to go next widget. That's a
limitation of using tab for completion or GTK using tab for navigation.

> Yes, with CtlrShiftTab one can reach the Subject line.. but: why
> just the Subject line? Why not - e.g. - the last edited header line? 
> And a quite bit more keys than AltS.

That would be quite surprising, and absolutely against conventions for
human interface design, as widgets are expected to have fixed navigation
order. Jumping to the last edited header would mean your navigation
could be different on every window depending on how you edited fields...
And you say current is a mess?? :-)

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