[Users] [Bug 2762] Add an access key to 'Subject'

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Mon Oct 22 15:20:18 CEST 2012


--- Comment #2 from pb15394w92pksak4n3r  2012-10-22 15:20:17 ---
No, in my ClawsMail if I press Tab then a Tab character is inserted to the
text. ShiftTab is the same.

The keyboard behaviour is a bit of mess. Not consistent. Down&Up: "move between
fields [and the tabs line at top]" - almost, but some combos (in some
direction!) are skipped, and reaching the combo there is no way out, they
change the combo index instead. Reaching the body, there is no way back to

[Shift]Tab: "move between fields (icluding the small buttons) [and the tabs
line at top]" - almost, but in the From field Tab becomes address
completition.. Reaching tha Body, Tab and ShiftTab becomes: inserting Tab
characters, there is no way back to headers..

Ctrl[Shift]Tab: "move between tabs-line, subject header field, and body" -
almost, but CtrlShiftTab from Subject: moves to the last "clear" button (of the
headers).. Yes, with CtlrShiftTab one can reach the Subject line.. but: why
just the Subject line? Why not - e.g. - the last edited header line? And a
quite bit more keys than AltS.

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