[Users] Fancy plugin x attached images conflict

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Mon Oct 22 12:16:56 CEST 2012

On Mon, 22 Oct 2012 01:07:36 -0200
Dâniel Fraga articulated:

> 	First, activate the following options:
> - Select the HTML part of multipart/alternative messages
> - Automatically display attached images
> - Display images inline
> 	If we use the Fancy plugin, those messages with attached
> images will show blank, instead of showing the attached images inline.
> 	So there's a conflict between the Fancy plugin and those
> native options which can't work properly with Fancy plugin.
> 	The workaround to see the attached images inline is to disable
> "Select the HTML part of multipart/alternative messages" but this is 
> annoying since I prefer to read the HTML part of some messages.

System Information
Claws Mail 3.8.1
GTK+ 2.24.6 / GLib 2.28.8
Locale: C (charset: US-ASCII)
Operating System: FreeBSD 8.3-STABLE (amd64)

My settings are identical to the ones you stated above, I double
checked, yet I am not experiencing the problems you describe.

Jerry ♔

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