[Users] Fancy plugin x attached images conflict

Dâniel Fraga fragabr at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 05:07:36 CEST 2012

	First, activate the following options:

- Select the HTML part of multipart/alternative messages
- Automatically display attached images
- Display images inline

	If we use the Fancy plugin, those messages with attached
images will show blank, instead of showing the attached images inline.

	So there's a conflict between the Fancy plugin and those
native options which can't work properly with Fancy plugin.
	The workaround to see the attached images inline is to disable
"Select the HTML part of multipart/alternative messages" but this is 
annoying since I prefer to read the HTML part of some messages.

	Any hints? Thanks.

Linux 3.6.0: Terrified Chipmunk

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