[Users] Build failure on Ubuntu 12.10 for claws-mail-extra-plugins

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Oct 3 16:50:50 CEST 2012

Hi Ricardo.

On Oct 03, 2012, at 11:28 AM, Ricardo Mones wrote:

>The solution you propose on the above bug, remove one of the plugins (and
>its dependencies, of course), is the quickest, sure.

Yep.  I don't use either afaict, so I am not a good judge of which is more
popular for our users.

>If that dependency is really needed (doesn't seem to be documented in
>ubuntu's changelog) for the new gdata 0.13, one of the plugins (I'd say
>gdata, as is the one introducing the problem)

After some additional research, I think you're right that libgdata was the
last package upload to introduce the conflict.  The 0.13.1-0ubuntu2 upload on
2012-07-30 introduced the build dependency on liboauth-dev, and this was
*after* my last upload of a no-change rebuild of c-m-e-p on 2012-07-20.  So my
rebuild succeeded, but would have broken after July 30th, and this explains
why unstable builds fine, because Ubuntu is ahead of Debian on the libgdata

>could be split from upstream tarball and created as a new source
>package. That way it could be built separately without conflict. Remains to
>see if simultaneously loading both plugins built this way causes some
>trouble. And unfortunately that should be done on every new release.
>Other alternatives include pushing oauth upstream so it can be built with
>libcurl's gnutls variant, or pushing libetpan upstream so it can be built
>with libcurl's nss variant. These paths can take longer, if open, but can be
>more interesting.

It may also be possible to build a version of libgdata-dev that does not link
against liboauth-dev, thus breaking the connection to libcurl4-nss-dev.

I've contacted the Ubuntu developer who did the last upload of libgdata and
I'll see if we can resolve it at that level.  I appreciate your suggestions
above, and I'll follow up again when I know more, since Debian may face the
same problem when libgdata gets the new upstream.

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