[Users] [Bug 2828] Use MD5 digest for socket name

Holger Berndt berndth at gmx.de
Thu Nov 29 01:08:38 CET 2012

On Mi, 28.11.2012 23:22, Ricardo Mones wrote:

>  So, no, two users cannot share config if you remove uid from socket
>  name, sorry.

But that's actually a feature, isn't it? After all, it should be
prevented that two instances of Claws Mail using the same configuration
run at the same time, which might have unexpected results and data
corruption problems. That different users are trying to do this doesn't
make it any better.

Anyways, the patch misses the "normalizing the config directory" part
that I was talking about - meaning to resolve symlinks and identities
like /foo/bar == /foo/bar/../bar or /home/./foo == /home/foo, to make
it slightly less easy for the user to shoot himself in the foot.
Basically what realpath(3) does - though I remember that function had a
bumpy past concerning portability (and security, but that seems less
of an issue in this case), so I am not sure if it's a good option.

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