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--- Comment #2 from Abhay S. Kushwaha  2012-11-23 21:05:21 ---
Recording more user feedback on this, and adding more details/clarifications.

This feature would be turned off by default.

When turned on, it could load up a two-column set of words as described in my
previous comment and when a word matches one in the first column, it would be
replaced by the corresponding word/phrase in the right column.

I envisage auto-correct to run before spell-checking routine, and independent
of it. So the idea is *not* to take words marked invalid by spell-check and
then try to (pseudo) intelligently guess the most possible dictionary word.

It could very well work with words that are legal dictionary words and change
them into the form the user wants. The "css" to "CSS" example is just that --
this feature is enabling a user to enforce a specific form of a word preferred
by the user.

And it allows users to create "text-macros" where a user-specified abbreviation
is expanded into an oft-used phrase, for example, replacing "end-credit" with
"So at the end, I again thank you for your feedback. I appreciate you taking
the time out and writing in. I hope you will continue to be an active member of
the community."

So, again reiterating, this is only for user-specified word replacement where
both the word being replaced and the word(s) that replace it are explicitly
entered by the user in a specific format.

Clearly an advanced feature unless the developer is kind enough to give a
visual list editor. ;)

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