[Users] Claws Mail Extra Plugins 3.9.0 unleashed!!

Ricardo Mones ricardo at mones.org
Sat Nov 17 17:08:53 CET 2012

On Fri, 16 Nov 2012 23:55:19 +0100
Holger Berndt <berndth at gmx.de> wrote:

> On Do, 15.11.2012 23:25, Ricardo Mones wrote:
> >> >As none of the developers have the correct versions of the libs
> >> >needed by that plugin, its build was untested until your build :)
> >> 
> >> It's ridiculous that it's so hard to build a project with a dependency
> >> that's about 1.5 years old - even with all components being open
> >> source! 
> >
> >  Well, that's not really true, I routinely build CVS in Debian stable
> >  and geolocation plugin builds fine. Of  course, Squeeze is nearly 2
> >  years old now...
> Yes, you can in fact build it on older distributions, but not on newer
> ones. I guess rolling back to an old distribution just to build a
> plugin qualifies as "hard".

  Despite its age, Debian stable is a current distribution, it's the one
  which my laptop runs and my daily work desktop too. Anyway agreed it's
  expected not to last much as current, some months at the very most.
> > And won't be possible to build it in Wheezy when
> >  released. As the open source it is, you can assimilate the library
> >  into the plugin and you're done.
> Assimilating libraries into a tiny plugin also qualifies as "hard". And
> actually, that wouldn't solve anything. The older version of the lib is
> even parallel-installable - but no major distro does it. Maybe that's
> due to lack of interest, or maybe that due to other complications -
> because if you actually try to build the old lib version, you'll realize
> that it itself has dependencies, which are not so easily parallel
> installable. Funny stuff. And hard.
> In fact, I did even try to build the plugin before the release,
> sand-boxed. Unfortunately, I ran out of time - because it's so
> ridiculously time-consuming.
> But hey, even if I had succeeded, and would have been able to make
> sure that the plugin actually builds, no user with a remotely recent
> distro could have build it anyways, without jumping through the same
> hoops. Hurray.

  Well, if all of those get assimilated the hoops would be jumped just once,
  that's the point. But agreed that's hard and you (or any other) can have
  little interest in doing it, specially if there's a lot of them.

  I guess that's the same reason nobody wants to maintain and older version
  even if co-installable in their distributions. Not counting that probably
  upstream's response for old version's bugs is: "upgrade to latest." ;)
> >> It's a joke. What a toy system. No wonder desktop linux is
> >> such a failure. As I professional, I would run away as fast as I
> >> could, too (of course only after doing some finger-pointing and
> >> having a good laugh). </rant>
> >
> >  ROTFL. That should teach you a couple of things: not depend on GNOME
> >  libraries 
> Aehm ... you are aware that glib and gtk+ are GNOME libs, right?

  Nope, they are GIMP libraries, which were used by GNOME. AFAIK you can
  still build a GTK+ program without using GNOME stuff, fortunately. Maybe
  they're trying to change this fact, don't know.

> And actually - you think GNOME libs are worse that others? Sure. Have
> fun looking for something more stable. That's a tough job.

  Probably not, although I don't really know. Agreed that looking for some
  stability here is hard.
> We don't even need to look far - look at Claws Mail plugin ABI. What?
> We don't have a stable ABI? Okay, then look at the API. What? We don't
> have a plugin API? Ups.
> Maybe we don't need one because we don't have third-party plugins. Or
> maybe we don't have third-party plugins because we don't have a plugin
> API. Who knows..

  Or because current plugin set is enough for current user base (including
  developers). Or because nobody it's itched enough to make a new one...
  Anyway we have an API! Just evolving with every new version, like any other
  out there ;)

> > and not depend on libraries with << 1.0 versions ;-)
> 0.8 is not << 1.0, it's < 1.0. And no < 1.0 on linux - that's a funny
> one, indeed. No wonder you're rolling on the floor.

  IIRC after 0.8 it came 0.10, then 0.12. Frankly that doesn't sound much
  more near to 1.0 than 0.8. In fact the progression looks like, in the best
  scenario, there's /only/ 44 versions to appear before 1.0.

  Anyway version numbers are mostly a joke, so the previous can be as good
  as your interpretation.
> Besides, the real issue causing this problem is 2.0 vs 3.0 of another
> lib further down in the dependency stack, as you very well know.

  Indeed, that's pretty true. Maybe the plugin can be resurrected after the
  core undergoes that transition.
  Ricardo Mones 
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