[Users] Claws Mail Extra Plugins 3.9.0 unleashed!!

Ricardo Mones ricardo at mones.org
Thu Nov 15 23:25:21 CET 2012

  Hi Holger,

On Thu, 15 Nov 2012 21:11:43 +0100
Holger Berndt <berndth at gmx.de> wrote:

> On Do, 15.11.2012 12:20, Colin Leroy wrote:
> >As none of the developers have the correct versions of the libs
> >needed by that plugin, its build was untested until your build :)
> It's ridiculous that it's so hard to build a project with a dependency
> that's about 1.5 years old - even with all components being open
> source! 

  Well, that's not really true, I routinely build CVS in Debian stable
  and geolocation plugin builds fine. Of  course, Squeeze is nearly 2
  years old now... And won't be possible to build it in Wheezy when
  released. As the open source it is, you can assimilate the library
  into the plugin and you're done.

> It's a joke. What a toy system. No wonder desktop linux is
> such a failure. As I professional, I would run away as fast as I
> could, too (of course only after doing some finger-pointing and
> having a good laugh). </rant>

  ROTFL. That should teach you a couple of things: not depend on GNOME
  libraries and not depend on libraries with << 1.0 versions ;-)
  Ricardo Mones 
  Quantity derives from measurement, figures from quantities, 
  comparisons from figures, and victories from comparisons. 
                                                              Sun Tzu
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