[Users] CLAW and secondary windows is off screen, Retrieving, Justifying

Dave Acevedo chessmatch at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 4 23:55:54 CET 2012

Hello! Glad to be here. CLAW looks great. CLAW was suggested as a
replacement at the Mozzaline forum in a post discussing why in the
world an advertisement for a free email account from "HOVER" is being
offered right during initial install of he latest Thunderbird version
and will NAG until an account, any account. is created, that kind of
stuff from honest, free, open source software makes me psychotic, so
TBird is history. 

All is well with CLAW except when I go to open the address book or some
other secondary windows, that they
open with parts off screen and must be moved or maximized to get at the
close button. I am 1024 x 768. Please see the attached JPGs as examples.
http://depic.me/9k6xobb6lsv1 http://depic.me/1eai0l5uckjq 

Also the popup window checking for (retrieving) new mail demands to be
"on top" for the duration of the checking. Is this what is called in
preferences the "recieve window"? Naturaly I am always reading or
typing when it pops up, a click somewhere in another window should be
enough to send it away. Also backspacing or deleting text from a
paragraph in a new mail does not cause rejustifying (or do I mean
reformatting?)and the space occupying the former text remains empty. 

Looking forward to more good thing from CLAW. Dave

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