[Users] Filtering problems and deletion of mail when switching accounts

Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 19:20:12 CET 2012

Hey there,

Cliff Laine wrote:

> I'm having problems with filtering messages, resulting in their
> deletion. Here is what is happening.
> Three IMAP accounts. Top one, Gmail, is the default. The others are
> mail.com and mywebsite.com. 
> I only use email from this computer (not a phone). There is no
> forwarding in Gmail's settings. POP is not activated.
> Active filters as follows:
> --------
> All to matchcase "Name name" <me at mail.com> move "#imap/Gmail/INBOX
> All to matchcase "email at mywebsite.com" move "#imap/Gmail/INBOX
> Mail.com  to matchcase "myname at mail.com" move "#imap/Gmail/INBOX
> All to matchcase "Radio Station <radiostation at groups.facebook.com>"
> move "#imap/Gmail/INBOX
> All to matchcase "Mailing list <listname at lists.comm.edu> move
> "#imap/Gmail/INBOX 
> ----------
> My email address for Bookface purposes is myname at mail.com, from
> where I have signed up to the radio station's mailing list.
> A message to "Radio Station <radiostation at groups.facebook.com>" will
> remain in the mail.com account, turning the counter blue.
> Clicking on this message to read it, makes it appear in the message
> pane as normal.
> Going back to any other account, the mail disappears (not in trash
> etc).
> Does anyone know what is happening?

At a quick glance I can see two things that might be issues:

The first is that, in the section you quoted above, you are missing
some quotes. Some of your filters are quoted like this:

All to matchcase "foo move "bar

And they should be quoted like this:

All to matchcase "foo" move "bar"

The second is that you have to matchcase rather than from matchcase,
which seems unusual, although I don't have a whole lot of filters or
processing rules, so it might not mean anything. (:

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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