[Users] Filtering problems and deletion of mail when switching accounts

Cliff Laine lainecliff at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 12:17:21 CET 2012

Dear All

I'm having problems with filtering messages, resulting in their
deletion. Here is what is happening.

Three IMAP accounts. Top one, Gmail, is the default. The others are
mail.com and mywebsite.com. 

I only use email from this computer (not a phone). There is no
forwarding in Gmail's settings. POP is not activated.

Active filters as follows:
All to matchcase "Name name" <me at mail.com> move "#imap/Gmail/INBOX

All to matchcase "email at mywebsite.com" move "#imap/Gmail/INBOX

Mail.com  to matchcase "myname at mail.com" move "#imap/Gmail/INBOX

All to matchcase "Radio Station <radiostation at groups.facebook.com>"
move "#imap/Gmail/INBOX

All to matchcase "Mailing list <listname at lists.comm.edu> move


My email address for Bookface purposes is myname at mail.com, from where I
have signed up to the radio station's mailing list.

A message to "Radio Station <radiostation at groups.facebook.com>" will
remain in the mail.com account, turning the counter blue.

Clicking on this message to read it, makes it appear in the message
pane as normal.

Going back to any other account, the mail disappears (not in trash etc).

Does anyone know what is happening?

CM 3.8.0 Mepis 8.5

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