[Users] Strange things which test my patience

Cliff Laine lainecliff at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 23:52:47 CET 2012

1) I have two email accounts in CM. A filter is set up to send
everything in my second account to my main account. Sometimes it works,
sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, I go to the second account
to check the email that has arrived there. Then I go to my main
mailbox. If I want to go back to my second account, the emails that
should have been forwarded are lost, gone, forever. Nowhere, not in
trash, nowhere.

2) Filtering behaviour can change overnight, without me touching the

I don't know if anyone else has found that checking mail in the
un-primary account can lead to its deletion?

Or whether filters just suddenly stop working, while you're asleep?


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