[Users] Claws 3.8.0 not correctly displaying some attachments in the message window

Paul Rolland (=?UTF-8?B?44Od44O844Or44O744Ot44Op44Oz?=) rol at witbe.net
Wed Feb 1 19:28:38 CET 2012


My Claws is configured to have the message window at the bottom right of
the Claws window, with the icons for the attachment on the right of the
message window, as a vertical list.

When there are many attachments (images, HTML version of mails,
signautures, ...), only a subset of the icons corresponding to the
attachments are presented, and there is a small arrow to click to slide the

For any icon that is not initially visible, after clicking on the arrow to
make it visible, a click on the icon doesn't update the message window.
Mouse right-click to access the menu or the shortcut keys are Ok, and using
the correct content, but the mouse left-click is simply selecting, not


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