[Users] Spell Checking in Claws Mail

Sharon Kimble boudiccas at talktalk.net
Mon Dec 24 18:49:31 CET 2012

This seems to have been solved by me getting a new monitor today, I've
now got colour in everything!

Happy Christmas

On Tue, 11 Dec 2012 18:16:42 +0000
Sharon Kimble <boudiccas at talktalk.net> wrote:

> I have a major problem with spell checking within Claws Mail.
> I've asked in the freenode #claws channel on IRC but
> have been unable to get it working properly. I have spell checking
> configured properly in Configuration/Preferences/Compose/Spell
> Checking, with the coloured box set to 'red'. But, I don’t see any
> colours at all in claws mail, its purely monochromatic. I have all
> boxes ticked in the spell checking configuration page, with 'en-ca'
> being my alternative dictionary, but I still don’t have any visible
> way of seeing misspelled words. 
> Well, spell checking manually of each "next misspelt word" is working
> in 'en-GB', just I don’t see any coloured, misspelt words, nor
> squiggly lines underneath misspellings, I'm using  Claws Mail 3.9.0
> (GTK+ 2.24.10; i486-pc-linux-gnu).
> Can anyone advise me please as to how to get it visibly working?
> Thanks
> Sharon.

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