[Users] programatically create a tag and set the message with it - evernote style - @info #claws-mail #programming

Carles carsato1 at yahoo.es
Sun Dec 23 08:58:11 CET 2012

Hello List

  I know how to call a menu entry to do some stuff using python.

  I need to create a tag depending on a message subject. 

  I would need to, depending on subject, tag the message and move it
  to some folder. For example, this message has "@info #claws-mail
  #programming" in subject. What I need is to tag it with "claws-mail"
  and "programming" (creating it previously if tag doesn't exist) and
  move it to "info" folder (creating it if that folder doesn't exist).

  With this "simple" change we can have an open source Evernote clone
  note system using claws mail, which lot of people use.

Thank you.
Best regards.

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