[Users] Further crash in cvs44

Brian Morrison bdm at fenrir.org.uk
Thu Dec 13 20:03:31 CET 2012

On Tue, 11 Dec 2012 13:15:13 +0000
Brian Morrison wrote:

> I should have added, "...if not restarted" to the "Claws often
> crashes" sentence above. Could it be some sort of paging problem
> where Claws code is discarded by the kernel memory manager because it
> thinks it can re-read it from disk from the binary or .so files but
> it reads in the new version where the code entry points are in the
> wrong place?

cvs45 ran perfectly for a couple of days, no crashes.

Today I downloaded cvs47 and rebuilt, then updated the rpms but didn't
restart Claws. Within a couple of hours, Claws crashed. Last thing in
the log file was an NNTP DATE command and server response. These seem
to be sent once a minute, is this the keep alive?


Brian Morrison

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