[Users] Claws doing bad things with random(?) e-mails...

insomniactoo at localnet.com insomniactoo at localnet.com
Mon Dec 10 18:26:16 CET 2012

  Hi gang,

  Running claws 3.9.0 and been using claws for almost 2 years now IIRR.

  I'm on 6 different mailing lists and I always set up my claws mail to
  automagically 'move' each one to a folder I've made just for that list mails, i.e.
  Claws users folder gets anything 'claws', Pan folder gets all Pan, etc.

  Normally on a stock setup everything will fall into the 'inbox', and this is doing
  as it should on all mails *not* being filtered in my setup.

  Lately though, here in the past couple of weeks, e-mails have been getting moved
  to the trash folder for no reason and without me knowing about it until I happen
  to look at that folder and see something in it that *I* didn't put there.

  It seems to be very random about when it happens and the types of e-mails.
  Sometimes it will be a list e-mail, sometimes it will be an e-mail from a friend
  or whatever.

  I've got  only one thing in my filters saying to put anything into the trash folder,
  nor do I use the spam thing in Claws (I've attached a small snapshot of the
  filters window with all the filters I have).

  This is starting to get a little aggravating as I'm beginning to worry about
  missing e-mails on accident that may be important. I'm trying to make it a habit
  of looking in the trash folder, but this shouldn't have to be done.

  Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions I'm more than willing to give them a try to
  get this fixed.



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