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Thomas Taylor linxt at comcast.net
Mon Dec 10 19:13:11 CET 2012

On Mon, 10 Dec 2012 11:51:55 +0100
Miroslav Rovis <m.rovis at inet.hr> wrote:

> The techical issue of this article is at very end, marked with
> litteral string: "the technical issue".
> Only because, and I do express reserved thanks here to Google central,
> because the fact that none of my videos that I posted to Youtube is
> missing, and contrary to the probably pressure on Google by the local
> regime of my country's, since my e-mails that I send and my e-mails
> that people send to me, are massacred, let me repeat, e-mails I send
> to people and e-mails people send to me, are massacred by the local
> stupid regime I live under (but which is somewhat, somewhat only,
> God, how deep the brainwash in people's minds!, shaking)...
> And I thank them for the fact that none are missing of my screencasts
> of my mailings (and other activities) videos, of which videoa some
> are (or would become in case of denial of their service), somewhat
> notorious and even popular (local Youtube is allowed to manipulate
> numbers of viewings, so don't be misled by low numbers), and my
> videos are a long-standing proof of their censorship...
> And for the fact that none the posted screencasts on Youtube have been
> deleted or hidden (other than me placing the longer and more boring
> ones among "unlisted")...
> And only for that fact that Youtube don't delete or hide videos people
> post, for which fact I thank both Google and Youtube (but, pls.
> understand me, not the local regime branches, no!, they do play pranks
> on my videos! and on mails and postings; only they haven't got permit
> to delete videos I posted, and I bet, I bet, I bet they tried! Let me
> make it a little more spicy here, by the fact that they got one
> country in the world to blacklist a couple of my videos, and that
> country is the one that people worldwide are unaware how stupidly left
> it turned: Germany!, yes, the Soviet style EU hegemon!... I think two
> videos, and really unwarranted before God and men!).
> And since they didn't want to be discovered and just had to let
> through in a very particular way one important e-mail to me, I can
> proof now their censorship on me!
> They would have been discovered because of this video that I mentioned
> three days ago now:
> > I'm at a choked connection, taking me 8 hours to post 800M video...
> It is unlisted because it is one of those too difficult for the
> general public to watch, and belive me, I was sick of video cutting
> and pasting, to make the video more easily viewed and shorter, and
> just posted it as my friend ffmpeg took it:
> (WARNED you have been!):
> Dopuštenje za uporabu Markovih pjesama uz nekoliko minuta Vukovara,
> Screen 2012 12 07, 12h
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bzy4eTlOGqA
> And then what happens? I wish I could write bilingual here as well,
> because this thread on Claws mailing list is certainly of interest to
> domestic audience, but, never mind, it'll be there on:
> http://groups.google.com/group/croatian-news/
> it'll be there in English, and it'll be there in Croatian, once I
> traslate it, hopefully, and it'll be in Youtube screencast with a
> commnent, probably.
> But then what happens? My gay, happy, beautiful, privider, since
> they regularly sift through my e-mails, never mind the privacy
> policy, c'mmon!, what, they have to endear themselves to the regime,
> don't they?...
> So they read the messages exchanged btwn the Thompson's Band
> manager (Marko Perković Thompson is without any argument whatsoever,
> the Croatian singer that has in entire our history, had the largest
> following of sympathizers and fans, and despite of to the excessive
> and abusive and persistent campaign of the regime and media against
> him, such as being himself currently, or maybe soon to be, judicially
> accused and smeared for invented tax fraud or similar; so in such
> circumstances I am also proud to have been persecuted by a regime that
> persecutes the righteous like him, mind that I had 4 months jail time
> suspended sentence over me, two years caution recently elapsed).
> He got his nickname "Thompson", because in the war of defence that
> Croatia waged, but for which Croatia also stood accused in the
> persons of its top generals, and for which the International Court
> Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in the Haague recently cleared
> the remaining accused generals of the Republic of Croatia of all the
> wrongdoings whatsoever, and declared them innocent before the world,
> pls. see (only in Croatian at this time):
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THU-YOGCf2A
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcsYoyQ3LcU
> and other videos, just search by, maybe, these "2012-11-16" and
> "Generali" but, wait, if you want the most beautiful scenes, go for
> the afternoon videos of the day:
> HTV, 2012-11-16 14h 30m, Zagreb: Generali Gotovina Markač, povratak!
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AnzNqRejO8
> But I was recounting how Marko Perković got his nickname "Thompson"
> because he was a Fighter armed with a Thompson rifle at the beginning
> of the War of Croatian Independence back in 1991.
> And there you have a manager of his band, that is liked and followed
> the most in Croatia (no other singer packed Croatian stadia and
> venues as full as he did, ever), replying to me, and then what
> apparently happens is, the local little Google happy gay employees
> gets Thompson's manager's message on Croatian-News, because it was
> sent as I intended it to be sent, having I added to my query's mail
> header:
> Reply-To: croatian-news at googlegroups.com
> I was asking for a permit, and permits are public, aren't they, and so
> I was asking publicly, am I not allowed to?
> No, I was not. No way! Were that the first time people tried to
> publicly reply to me, or publicly support me, or publicly say they
> appreciated what I did, and little local Google Croatia bullies
> scrapped what people publicly sent to me, I wouldn't even mind so
> much.
> But that has been the regular way they have treated anyone trying to
> contact me publicly via: 
> http://groups.google.com/group/croatian-news/
> http://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/croatian-news/
> (the above are the old and the new interface to same content)
> for years now. For years now.
> A recent example (I learned screencasting for anti-censorship purposes
> only relatively recently) is:
> Complaint to Google Central about Google HR Censorship, Screen
> 2012-11-15, 23h
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XagBbgR75h4
> and later developments (some of it yet to come, God permitting)
> what free speech? No free speech! None for dissenters, as far as they
> go!
> Come on! Give me a little break!
> Before going on to technicalities, let me give you a link to the more
> user-friendly video on this undeniable censorship issue, that I made
> when it finally dawned on me what happened with these mails in
> question:
> Lectio 9 2012-12-09, msg. from Thompson's, Iskon & Croatian-News
> Collude in Abuse, HRVATSKI
> http://youtu.be/x0vyGR8YBc0
> #=== the technical issue
> Now I do believe I got it right. But, you more knowledgeable people
> then me who have granted me the honor of reading this article you're
> reading, pls. look up the source of the reply email in question that I
> attach
> ( Src_MAIL_121209_Thompson_permit_Vukovar_REPLY_ZdravkoBarišić.txt ).
> I am still new to Claws, but I got the source saved through GUI
> interface, and I also did a search (in my mailbox), like so:
> $ grep -r 'njegove pjesme su mi
> najdra' /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/ /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1603:Vrlo
> cienim Marka i njegove pjesme su mi najdra=C5=BEe, te nisam mario ni
> za /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606:Vrlo cienim Marka i njegove
> pjesme su mi najdra=BEe, te nisam mario ni =
> /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1605:Vrlo cienim Marka i njegove pjesme
> su mi najdraže, te nisam mario ni za
> $
> "njegove pjesme su mi najdra" is a string from the original e-mail I
> sent, meaning "his songs are dearest to me" ('najdraže' instead of
> 'najdra' in fact, for full Croatian phrase). 
> Those were my words actually, so the search gave my mail and the
> replies (the copy of what I sent via www.thompson.hr and the manager's
> reply). So I went on and searched for manager's words only.
> $ grep -r 'nama je u interesu da se Markove pjesme što više
> čuju' /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/
> $ grep -r "nama je u interesu da se Markove pjesme što više
> čuju" /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/
> $ grep -r "nama je u
> interesu da se Markove pjesme" /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/
> /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606:=A9to se ti=E8e nas, nama je u
> interesu da se Markove pjesme =B9to =
> $ 
> The first of the three latter searches for the string "nama je u
> interesu da se Markove pjesme što više čuju" couldn't be found either
> with ' or ", the two types of quotes, because the original reply from
> Thompson's manager was in iso8859-2 character encoding (uses Windoze,
> what can you).
> You can see that in the source mail itself ("Microsoft Office
> Outlook").
> But, since I'm new to Claws, I don't know what the best way is to send
> the source mail, I did now some 20 minutes search, and came up with no
> useful tips...
> So I just have to venture and send it as plain text. I warmly hope it
> doesn't clutter this text further, since it is already lengthy.
> (I inserted newlines in the pasted output, because the
> line wrapping can be confusing)
> $ md5sum /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606
> Src_MAIL_121209_Thompson_permit_Vukovar_REPLY_ZdravkoBarišić.txt
> ec37bd4a741b117f46ac92efded9bfb1  /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606
> ec37bd4a741b117f46ac92efded9bfb1
> Src_MAIL_121209_Thompson_permit_Vukovar_REPLY_ZdravkoBarišić.txt
> $
> or if you want sha256, then (I inserted newlines, because the
> line wrapping can be confusing):
> $ sha256sum /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606
> Src_MAIL_121209_Thompson_permit_Vukovar_REPLY_ZdravkoBarišić.txt
> b5e2b4588530c5828c536aa185dbe0631e74b36bdb8f4436c80abc62926d1146  /Cmn/Cm/m.rovis-iskon.hr/inbox/1606
> b5e2b4588530c5828c536aa185dbe0631e74b36bdb8f4436c80abc62926d1146
> Src_MAIL_121209_Thompson_permit_Vukovar_REPLY_ZdravkoBarišić.txt
> $
> Am I correct that:
> Line 3:
> Received: (qmail 215653 invoked from network); 7 Dec 2012 13:51:50
> +0100
> Google sent this message to:
> Line 5:
> Received: from in4.mail.iskon.hr (
> gay (meaning happy, cheerful, joyous) gay Iskon provider!
> This,
> Line 10:
> X-Remote-IP:
> being the Google IP, Google mail, Gmail (?, really not in the clear on
> that one, because, pls. read on)
> Because there's this address as well:
> Line 14:
> Received: from 8-226.dsl.iskon.hr ([]:1143 helo=barisicpc)
> "barisicpc" being apparently Zdravko Barišić, Thompson's manager, but
> I don't get that entire line.
> Is he with the same provider, I mean,
> Line 29:
> X-AntiAbuse: Original Domain - inet.hr
> But I just looked up and saw that:
> Line 28:
> X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname - carbon.studio4web.com
> is a web hosting firm in the making, so...
> it's them who are probably with gay joyous Iskon provider, the happy
> free speech loving and not ever any mails of their users reading
> (according
> to their claims, ever!!) provider.
> Line 46:
> X-SpamTest-Info: {RECEIVED: dynamic ip detected}
> and the lines following is,  I guess, is because I was using Tor to
> send query from their interface.
> That same query I also sent from my
> Claws mail program, and I also posted the WARNED you have been!-marked
> screencast, unlisted on Youtube, link above that I gave.
> But I may be wrong as to what the lines 46 and immediately following
> refer to.
> Also, I just checked and saw that thompson.hr is done as it should 
> be, in utf-8 encoding, so why my message to which Thompson's manager
> replies is in his e-mail shown in garbled, from the aspect of a user,
> ŠĐŽĆČšđžćč, it's probably because of his own Outlook program... Not
> from everybody is expected to be knowledgeable about char encoding, so
> this is by no means a reproach. I respect these guys, and am thankful
> to them for their love of Croatia and the beautiful songs they make!
> So, and I of course, have to thank Claws-mail developers for the fine
> program that revealed the strange redirection to me, and I really
> believe I was right in my assumptions that can be viewed and listened
> to on Youtube about this instance of censorship
> (again: Lectio 9 2012-12-09, msg. from Thompson's, Iskon &
> Croatian-News Collude in Abuse, HRVATSKI  http://youtu.be/x0vyGR8YBc0
> )
> , bacause to me, as somewhat experienced user, it
> does appear that the message was sent by Google Mail service, whithout
> which sending to Iskon for Iskon's forwarding it on to me, I wouldn't
> have received anything whatsoever, regardless that I sent
> my query in different and diverse, can be said, in triple ways.
> That, on the other hand, could not have been done without my dear
> gay happy Iskon and bully local little Google HR exchanging opinions
> and deciding together what to do and what to send, and what not to
> allow, and so forth... May you be ashamed, both of you, Iskon and
> Google HR!
> The tech is over in this message. Let me just point you to what I said
> about the kind of people who hold power in Croatia.
> I talk about them from 9 minutes 30 seconds of this
> video (the last six minutes):
> Claws-mail, garbled ŠĐŽĆČ and why
> http://youtu.be/EYcQzzSeU5w
> God bless all of you.
> Thanks if anyone gives more light to the source mail that I attached
> ( Src_MAIL_121209_Thompson_permit_Vukovar_REPLY_ZdravkoBarišić.txt )!

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