[Users] Switching y and z in mimeview

Michael Gmelin freebsd at grem.de
Mon Aug 20 20:46:55 CEST 2012


I would like to switch y and z in mimeview.c (selection of prev part
in mail) - that way a/y could be used for next/prev part selection on
a German keyboard layout like they are in an American keyboard layout (z
and y are reversed in this case, so they are not on top from each
other and cannot be operated using one hand).

Key events of mimeview.c are not configurable right now, but are
handled in a switch statement in mimeview.c (line 1617):

  case GDK_KEY_y:
    return TRUE; 
  case GDK_KEY_z:
    return TRUE;

There are different ways of accomplishing this:
1. Detect keyboard layout and change behavior based on this - bad,
   since there are certainly users using a German keyboard layout out
   there who will be extremely irritated by the changed behavior 
2. Create a configuration option to switch those two keys
   (like mimeview_switch_y_z=1)
3. Make all those keys configurable (mimeviewrc/make it part of menurc,
   but this is handled by GTK, so it's a different mechanism) -
   probably a lot of work

I willing to spend some time implementing a patch for this change, but
I would like to know if the claws developers are willing to accept such
a patch and if yes, which kind of implementation would be prefered.


Michael Gmelin

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