[Users] [Bug 2721] LDAP lookup and address formatting

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Tue Aug 14 10:14:56 CEST 2012


--- Comment #3 from Ricardo Mones  2012-08-14 10:14:56 ---
Thanks for the clarification, but I think you've already answered yourself, the
only thing remaining is you to test your suspects.

> Or are you telling me to change the DN to uid=UID,ou=something,dc=company? Will
> then Claws correctly pull givenName and sn from the object?

Sure, these and more attributes are always retrieved because they are supposed
to contain the addressbook's display name (displayName attribute, or cn if
displayName is empty), the first name (givenName) and the last name (sn), no
matter the DN you choose for your objects.

Thinking it again I guess the easier for you is to add a displayName attribute
for your defined classes where it's missing, if any. And use it for the value
you want to appear on your addresses, of course :)

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