[Users] [Bug 2721] LDAP lookup and address formatting

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--- Comment #2 from Konrad PiĆ³ro  2012-08-13 11:21:28 ---
Let me clarify because I don't think you get the idea why this is needed.

We have our own Private Enterprise Number and custom schemas. The referenced ID
is actually equal to UID, which is used to also construct a DN of objects.

I agree with you, that Common Name is "Name Surname" for people (eg.
posixAccount), but it can also mean almost anything else for non-people,
depending on the type of object. It is not good for CN to mean different
things, so a compromise is needed for all DNs to be consistent across the

We have a few branches in our tree called cn=ID,ou=something,dc=company, where
the unit "something" denotes a particular function of the object. Each have
diffrent schemas and objectClasses. It is then most efficient for our
applications to browse the directory, instantly pulling correlated entries from
every branch that is needed, without issuing a "tell me which DN has attribute
uid X in unit Y" query for every uid specified.

Or are you telling me to change the DN to uid=UID,ou=something,dc=company? Will
then Claws correctly pull givenName and sn from the object?

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