[Users] Suggestion to remove "Mark all read" from message context menu

Colin Leroy colin at colino.net
Sat Aug 11 15:41:24 CEST 2012

On 11 August 2012 at 13h02, Michael Gmelin wrote:


> I would suggest removing "Mark all read" from the "Mark" section of
> the message list context menu or the following reasons:
> - This is the only entry in the entire menu that doesn't work in the
>   context of the selected message(s), but on the folder as a whole
> - The option already exists in the folder tree context menu (where it
>   belongs in my opinion, since it works in the context of the folder)
> - It's right next to "Mark as read", which is a commonly used action
>   without a default keyboard shortcut and it's really easy to select
> it by accident

Don't forget about thousands of users who like this menu item there. It
may be easy to select by mistake, but it has its place in the main
menu, and also there's a confirmation asked when one chooses Mark all
read, unless it has been dismissed with "Don't ask me again". In that
case, the confirmation dialog can be re-enabled using
Configuration/Preferences/Summaries - "Confirm before marking all
messages in folder as read".

Short answer, I'm not in favor of removing it...
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