[Users] Question regarding forward of HTML e-mails

Michael Gmelin freebsd at grem.de
Wed Aug 8 23:09:58 CEST 2012

[Sorry, this might be a duplicate, I'm travelling and have some trouble
with a slow internet connection and posted the original message with a
10 hour delay]


Today I ran into an amusing problem using forward in claws.

I received an email composed using Outlook which had the following


(so a "classic" plain text and html email, both containing the same
information, but the HTML 20 times the size of course).

I forwarded this message using claws to another Outlook user, commenting
on it on top (which was important in this case). The resulting message
had the following structure:


Based on the reaction of the recipient, I came to believe she only saw
the HTML part of the multipart/mixed message, which was exactly the
same content that I received (also excluding any "Begin forwarded
message:" or any other content that makes it clear, that a message has
been forwarded). In the end, the mail looked to this person like I
wrote what I actually forwarded (Fw: in Subject didn't seem to affect
this perception).

So my question is: Since modifying HTML content is outside of claws'
scope, is there an option to remove HTML alternatives on forward
automatically (or turn the HTML alternative into an attachment). Forward
as attachment doesn't cut it, since this will also move the plain text
version I would like to comment on into the attachment. Could templates
help at all in this case?

I could resolve the situation with that person, but the bad first
impression can't be undone and I would really like to prevent such
incidents in the future.

Michael Gmelin

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