[Users] I can't find an override for a double dash

Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 23:41:51 CEST 2012

Hey there,

Steve Litt wrote:
> Little Girlwrote:
> > Steve Litt wrote:
> > > I'm new to claws. How do I make |rev| an action, and once I've
> > > done so, how do I invoke that action?
> > 1) Open Claws Mail.

> > :( !ti htiw nuf fo stol evah uoy yam dnA !yojnE
> I ,reilrae nettog d'I noitseggus MFTR eht no desaB .lriG elttiL
> sknahT yllaer ton tub gnikrow atros-adnik saw taht dna ,ver|tac|
> gnisu saw ,yenom eht no thgir dna elpmis erew snoitcurtsni
> ruoY .detnaw I tahw .esae htiw erutaef siht esu ot em gnilbane

yllaer a ees t'ndid tub ,sknil htob ta kool kciuq a koot I ,haeY
ll'I .esu ot ekil I gniht fo dnik eht s'taht dna ,elpmaxe cisab
lla tahw nrael yllaer ot retal liated erom ni meht otni kool ylbaborp
:( .ver htiw yalp tsuj ot ecin s'ti won rof tub ,enod eb nac

> PS -- you can read my response more easily by doing the rev action
> on it :-)

You'll need the rev action for mine, too. It's kind of cool. We get
to pretend to be secret agents and use our secret decoder rings on
our emails. (:

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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