[Users] Content-Encoding with long lines improvements

Colin Leroy colin at colino.net
Sun Apr 1 17:34:52 CEST 2012

On 01 April 2012 at 16h13, Christopher Zimmermann wrote:


> if (!strncmp("From ", outbuf, sizeof("From ")-1)) {
> 	gchar *tmpbuf = outbuf;
> 	tmpbuf += sizeof("From ")-1;
> 	if (fputs("=46rom ", outfp) == EOF)
> 		err = TRUE;
> 	if (fputs(tmpbuf, outfp) == EOF)
> 		err = TRUE;
> } else {

This is indeed a hack (but a rather standard one), to avoid MTAs
replacing lines starting with From in emails with ">From".

Some MTAs do that because of the MBOX format where each email starts
with a From line (which is distinct from the From: header), like

From sender at example.com
From: sender at example.com
To: rcpt at example.com
Subject: My subject

text a
text b
text c

From sender2 at example.com

Basically, in a stream-based approach, you'd have to search and replace
\nFrom with \n=46rom. You would, obviously, lose performance, but you
could special-case this for outgoing emails, as it's only useful when

Just curious, what do you want to improve ?

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