[Users] Content-Encoding with long lines improvements

Christopher Zimmermann madroach at gmerlin.de
Sun Apr 1 16:13:08 CEST 2012


I'd like to improve the handling of very long lines in 7bit, 8bit and
especially quoted-printable encodings.
To do this the line-by-line approach for encoding will have to be
dropped and be replaced by a stream encoder approach.

Now I'm just wondering what the meaning of this "From" case is. To me
it looks like some dirty hack that may not be needed any more. Has
someone an idea about this?

if (!strncmp("From ", outbuf, sizeof("From ")-1)) {
	gchar *tmpbuf = outbuf;
	tmpbuf += sizeof("From ")-1;
	if (fputs("=46rom ", outfp) == EOF)
		err = TRUE;
	if (fputs(tmpbuf, outfp) == EOF)
		err = TRUE;
} else {


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