[Users] [SOLVED] Re: some mails always appear as new

Slavko linux at slavino.sk
Thu Nov 17 08:48:18 CET 2011


Dňa Wed, 16 Nov 2011 23:09:09 +0100 Holger Berndt <berndth at gmx.de> napísal:

> I cannot either, since I don't know what exactly XFCE is doing before
> sending SIGKILL. However, Claws Mail catches SIGTERM, and exits
> gracefully upon reception. So I wonder why XFCE thinks SIGKILL is
> necessary..

here is mentioned bug with response:

it is talking about opera, but for claws-mail it is the same. This problem
isn't XFCE only, while the same problem (exactly don't saved config
changes) i encountered under KDE4 too.

For now i have solved this by custom logout script, which calls "claws-mail
-q" before logout (and some other tricks for other apps as opera, keepnote,
pidgin and virtualbox).


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