[Users] connection time out dialog 'stalls' Claws Mail

Carl E. Hartung carlh at cehartung.com
Thu Dec 22 02:50:25 CET 2011

Hi All,

I'm running openSUSE 11.4 x86_64 / GNOME 2.32.1
with Claws Mail 3.7.8

I have about a dozen e-mail accounts spanning several domains. One
account has a server with an irritating habit of randomly timing out
when it is being polled via pop3 for new mail.

When this happens, Claws Mail kicks up an error dialog box offering me
two buttons:

  the first is an option to view the log

  the second is just an 'OK' to dismiss the dialog

While this dialog is visible, Claws Mail is 'suspended' awaiting
my input.

So, when I'm away from my system, Claws Mail just sits there waiting
for me to respond and retrieval of mail for all accounts is halted.

When I compensate by turning the troublesome account off under
'Configuration -> Edit Accounts,' I then often forget to turn it
back on causing mail from that account to be further delayed.

If I'm working on 'desktop 5' and the dialog pops up, it sometimes does
so underneath the application I'm working in and it will stay there,
hidden, until the lack of new mail makes me curious, leading me to
search for the dialog to click 'OK' to resume mail retrieval.

I'd be very grateful for any ideas or suggestions as to how to resolve
this problem.

I absolutely /love/ Claws Mail, btw, so kudos to the developers and



Carl E. Hartung

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