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Ricardo Mones ricardo at mones.org
Tue Dec 20 11:06:52 CET 2011


On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 08:53:13PM -0500, Charles Kroeger wrote:
> In the current docs for CM v. 3.8.0 I notice that using Dillo as an HTML
> viewer is mentioned. I use Dillo on this machine and would like it if CM were
> able to use Dillo as advertised.
> However, I don't see the Dillo HTML plugin as such available in the unstable
> experimental or testing repositories but it is mentioned in the
> "claws-mail-feeds-reader" plugin information as being able to integrate with
> the 'dillo viewer plugin' as it were.

  That's a minor bug of claws-mail-feeds-reader :)

  Dillo was removed because it was a GTK+1.x program, and GTK+1.x was removed
from Debian time ago, hence the Dillo plugin had to be removed to, more than
two years ago, BTW:

> Q: what repository might the dillo plugin be in and will it run in sid or
> wheezy? Is there a dillo plugin .deb somewhere?

  To the first question: none AFAIK.
  To the second: yes, of course, but probably not very useful:

> O2: if the dillo plugin is in fact not available, what would you suggest for
> the purpose of rendering HTML mail if this couldn't be avoided?

  Fancy plugin, for sure.

  Ricardo Mones 
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